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Looking for that ideal 3PL service, which offers the best in quality while also neatly fitting into your budget?

As the world veers towards digitalization, partnering with BDL for your logistics operations will guarantee hassle and stress-free 3PL services that will elevate your business and put you ahead of the game!

Bringing you order amidst chaos, here at BDL, we deliver transparent, cost-effective, and efficient logistics, warehousing, and distribution services across Australia, including the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Our swift and robust services will give your business the liberty to grow and focus on what matters, while we take care of the back-end details.

During these unprecedented times, with COVID-19, limiting our movement, and leaving traces of uncertainty all around, outsourcing your logistics to a virtually operated 3PL will ensure that things get moving! And what’s more, our prime Warehouse Management System allows real-time visibility, traceability, inventory and delivery tracking, offering you the flexibility to monitor and make amendments with a few simple manoeuvres of your keyboard.

Our 3PL service packages are carefully curated to suit your business needs. Thus, outsourcing your 3PL needs to us is guaranteed to save costs, whilst allowing you and your team, ample time to enjoy peace of mind, as our team ensures the highest level of quality in service is provided at every juncture, from the point of pick and pack to unboxing of the product.

We are fully equipped to provide your business, whether eCommerce or otherwise, well-constructed, tailormade solutions to all your logistic requirements, ranging from 3PL Warehousing, storing inventory, fulfilling orders, or delivering products. All the while, focusing on quality, safety, technology, and the right human resources to neatly secure the best process for you and your company.

How 3PL services can help revamp your eCommerce business

High quality consolidated services : At BDL we believe in simple, flexible processes, with the right mix of like-minded individuals to do the job. We offer a single point of contact for all the shippers, vendors, and providers. Ensuring that all the freight comes together under one approach, using the same standard operating procedures.


Supply chain visibility : In order to maintain successful e-commerce supply chains, unified technology from beginning to end is paramount, so the company knows which shipments have been consolidated and where that freight is at all times so they can address customer queries. We understand this importance, and thus, our transport management system not only allows for efficient communication among all stakeholders but also gathers information about your company’s freight movements and provides reporting and analysis for improving efficiencies. 


Access to local and global expertise : We harbour the expertise to charter numerous regions and locations, with highly adaptable staff trained to work among local and global entities. Thus, we can help your company navigate markets around the world.


We encourage you to focus on more strategic components of your company, let us dwell on the rest!  3pl, 2

Why choose Bdynamic 蜂巢电子竞技 ?

The benefits of choosing BDL, from its competitive pricing, to detail-oriented, scalable solutions are many, here are a few we would like you to note.

Cost reduction: As an award-winning organization, we have more leverage with freight companies than individual shippers do. Working with carriers on behalf of multiple customers, we can negotiate pricing based on volume and order frequency. Using us to manage all or part of your supply chain also gives you the freedom to invest in other key areas to grow and develop your business.

Scale up or down as needed : Most businesses experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year. We can assist while you manoeuvre through the peaks and troughs more effectively, without your business having to commit to capital when you do not need to.

The best customer service experience : Customers expect next-day or same-day shipping as standard. We can offer fast shipping no matter where the order is being sent, thanks to our wide distribution network, across Australia.

Shipping delays can and do happen for several reasons. When unforeseen circumstances pop up, do not fret! We take full responsibility for making alternate arrangements to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible. You will also be protected in the event of damage or loss of goods.

Gain instant expertise and knowledge in the field : Especially if you are just starting, who better to take care of your logistics than a company that specializes in them? Fulfilment, warehousing and shipping come with major challenges of their own, so handing it off to our experts can make a difference in the way you function – and it leaves you to focus on increasing your overall value to your customers.

Generate cost savings : When it comes to warehousing, not having to maintain your own space and staff can be a big cost-saving measure. Our systems will provide you with inventory forecasting , thereby ensuring you optimize your inventory levels and save money on inventory holding costs. Being easy on the budget is always a win-win!

Our Services

We will manage your inventory and supply chain so that your warehouse is optimized to meet its full potential and to get the highest level of productivity out of your business. We welcome companies and eCommerce businesses of all sizes to trust us with the following services;


Warehousing – Our fulfilment services are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring maximum security with 24/7 surveillance, for storage of all valuables. Clients have a choice of storage solutions, ranging from standard pallet to carton storage, including over-sized product storage solutions, point of sale material storage, overflow storage solutions and short -term & long -term storage solutions.


Transportation – We offer an embedded, strategic approach to managing our client company’s transportation and supply chain. Our strategic locations and major transport partnerships across the entire country allow fast access to main transport hubs. While our consolidated processes enable volume-driven savings on deliveries. The customized transportation solutions by BDL, enable our experts to skillfully manage time-sensitive delivery capabilities within metro locations, along with milestone visibility for track & trace.


Inventory Management – The value of inventory cannot be overstated, which is why inventory management benefits your operational efficiency and longevity. We strive for precision in everything we do; thus, our comprehensive cycle count program ensures accuracy at a higher level, with the ability to supply, annual stocktakes, 100% RF scanning and full pallet, case, carton or individual pick capabilities.


Drop Shipping & Cross Docking – Our drop shipping and cross-docking services will save time and money while improving customer satisfaction. We provide Dropship capabilities from our facilities directly to Wholesalers, Retailers or Distributors, we also guarantee fast turn-around and visibility of activity status, provide industry-specific solutions to improve productivity & efficiency and further keeping true to our budget-friendly promise, we offer a “Flat rate” activity fee to simplify the costing.


Reverse logistics/ return management – Effective management of the reverse flow of products can easily provide opportunities and means of positively impacting your firm’s financial performance as well as building stronger relationships with key customers. With this in mind, we effectively manage return goods booking with the consumer, return processing in line with the customer return policy, quality inspections before return to the shelf, inventory adjustments and return to supplier arrangements.


Value-added services – In addition to the core services we also offer rework, such as, change of packaging, and change of label, barcoding, value-pack bundling, sub-pack packing and kitting.


Customer Service – We believe in going that extra mile and will certainly put more skin in the game! Thus, we will gladly handle customer services too! This is inclusive of, sales order keying, management of customer enquiries, and data collection and reporting.  3pl,3

Look no further, let BDL take care of your 3PL needs, while you take care of your company’s core necessities. Stop worrying and partner with BDL for all your 3PL services today, and enjoy the benefits of the best in quality, human resources, and price! Call us for more details, or request for an online quote now! 

Why choose BDL?

Booming eCommerce industries are creating a new phase in the market. In order to stay up-to-date with changing demands, firms need to advance softwares and structures to run their business smoothly. 蜂巢电子竞技 is a major part of these operations and must be implemented using well-planned strategies.

BDL has been handling logistics and eCommerce fulfilment for the past 12 years, earning a trusted reputation within Australia. Their ability to provide high quality service has resulted in them becoming one of the fastest-growing 3PL service providers in Australia. BDL provide flexible solutions to help you overcome complex logistics challenges. They work with the latest logistics technologies and techniques to ensure the success of your business.

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