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You have done the hard part of selling your product. Now all you need is a reliable eCommerce order fulfilment service to guarantee that all your fulfilment needs are handled accurately and as quickly as possible to retain a happy customer! Well, look no further, Bdynamic 蜂巢电子竞技 has got your back!

At BDL, we provide inventory storage and fulfilment services to eCommerce sellers of all types and sizes, in and around Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and across Australia. Whether you’re an established e-commerce retailer shipping 4,000 orders per day or moving into eCommerce as a new sales channel for your product(s), we have the resources and know-how to help you grow your online brand.

As an eCommerce business, you already know the importance of maintaining strong fulfilment in order to obtain high levels of customer satisfaction. The sooner you reach buyers with your products, the more likely you are to receive good reviews and frequent word-of-mouth referrals. The better your packaging and the presentation of your e-commerce order, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Thus, when you outsource your e-commerce order fulfilment and distribution responsibilities to us, you will certainly benefit by saving money and establishing great relationships with customers. Additionally, you will have a flexible model that is customizable and scalable to suit your eCommerce needs!

Enable your sales growth

We will work seamlessly with your e-commerce site: automating orders, real-time shipping rates, real-time inventory status, real-time communications back to your customers.

Provide affordable, fast, flexible shipping.

Our organization ships a lot of volumes. We have volume fulfilment shipping rates with a variety of carriers and a variety of methods. We will get your eCommerce orders, pick, package, and ship on the same day at the lowest possible rate.

Manage your inventory.


Access intelligent storage

We have strategically designed storage and inventory systems to assign products to a designated area. This optimizes storage locations and reduces costs for you. In addition, our entire warehouse is equipped with a high-tech security system to ensure that your products are actively protected.

Deliver your brand

Use order fulfilment as your market differentiator. That means we can make you look good. Your eCommerce customer will get a delivery that shows intelligent, thoughtful packaging, branded labels and packing lists and all the little extras that make your brand memorable.

Manage returns

Returns and exchanges happen with varying frequency depending upon the nature of your business. To keep customer satisfaction high, you need to be able to manage returns efficiently and hassle-free. That’s where our eCommerce fulfilment process comes in handy. Our priority is to eliminate returns – due to incorrect or damaged items- via providing you with accurate service. However, if the inevitable occurs, we make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns online. And then make sure to receive, and process returns quickly, enabling to refund customers and re-stock products fast.

Access powerful integration

We have integrated with top-notch, global, sales channels and warehouse order management systems, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and eBay, in order to give you the best and most seamless fulfilment experience. This will enable you to accelerate your sales effectively.

Expand your sales channels


Excellence in Customer Service

We have super friendly customer service staff and dedicated account managers that our clients can always speak with about any question they may have.

As you can see, we aim to provide a high level of transparency, reliability, and personal touch for our clients, at a fair price.

Our mission is to make order fulfilment easy and worry-free for all online sellers. Thus, our organization, promises ample flexibility for your growing business, and powerful, efficient technology at your fingertips. Enabling you to be in control, while we take on the task, we do best!

Get an eCommerce fulfilment quote today and discover why so many internet sellers have put their trust in our Bdynamic 蜂巢电子竞技 fulfilment services!

Why choose BDL?

Booming eCommerce industries are creating a new phase in the market. In order to stay up-to-date with changing demands, firms need to advance softwares and structures to run their business smoothly. 蜂巢电子竞技 is a major part of these operations and must be implemented using well-planned strategies.

BDL has been handling logistics and eCommerce fulfilment for the past 12 years, earning a trusted reputation within Australia. Their ability to provide high quality service has resulted in them becoming one of the fastest-growing 3PL service providers in Australia. BDL provide flexible solutions to help you overcome complex logistics challenges. They work with the latest logistics technologies and techniques to ensure the success of your business.

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