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A trusted e-commerce fulfillment partner for your business is far-reaching in today's business landscape"

BDL is one of Australia's largest e-commerce fulfillment service provider in Sydney and Melbourne. Below, you can get a comprehensible idea about e-commerce fulfillment's and Why choose BDL to be your next ecommerce fulfillment service Provider.

What is Ecommerce Fulfilment?

E-commerce fulfillment simply is the entire process of receiving orders and delivering it to the customers. Ecommerce fulfillment can also be used for third parties that control the inventory and shipment of products on behalf of an online store. It is more professional

The entire process from collecting it from the manufacturers and to delivering it to the customer can be outsourced including storing the products, processing the orders and packing the products. It is beneficial for small scale businesses to outsource the entire process to the ecommerce fulfillment provider than the larger companies who handle this process themselves. Although some companies handle big retail companies to ship around the world.

The Ecommerce fulfillment Process

There are several steps in this entire fulfillment process of managing the inventory till it is been delivered to the customer’s hand.

Storing the inventory in the warehouse.

This will keep your products more secured.

Packing the order according to different types of products.

Some fragile products must be packed very carefully.

Adding labels for the order to be shipped.

Shipping the order.

Once the order has been placed. The company gets it shipped the location.

Processing payments and processing returns orders.

should you use an e-commerce fulfilment service?

It is a wise decision for small/medium scale businesses to choose an e-commerce fulfillment provider to handle their pick, pack and ship their orders. It is the time that matters the most when choosing a fulfilment service centre.

If you are starting an e-commerce business, the budget for every process would be less. Outsourcing half of your services will be advantageous for you, from collecting the product and handing it over to the customer.

Storage can be a huge issue for a small/medium scaled business especially renting a space can be very expensive. Storing your products in a warehouse is much safer and organized when handled by a fulfillment centre and also be very cost effective.

The main key to retain and make your customers happy is to ship their items on time. Many e-commerce fulfillment centres guarantee to deliver these items in a timely and efficient manner to the customer. This also positively impacts on your brand recognition.

Choosing a good e-commerce order fulfillment centre is beneficial for small/medium scaled businesses and can be a lifetime strength and bring in more happy customers to your business.

BDL offers you flexible storage solutions for your business to grow. Professional and friendly warehouse employees help orders to be shipped on time across Australia. BDL owns a 20,000 ft. warehouse with surveillance cameras and 24/7 security to keep your products safer till the shipment. Only some fulfillment centres. BDL’s Warehouse Management Solutions provides 24/7 support to ensure no downtime and integrates with many commerce platforms. You will also be given access to track the order of your inventory.

Why choose BDL to be your Ecommerce Fulfillment Provider?

BDL offers many services and solutions for businesses to grow across the country such as;

Low Cost and On Time Shipping

BDL offers the clients a special discount for the shipment due to shipping in large quantities and most importantly delivers your inventory and make sure the customers receive it on time.

Cheaper and Safe storage

The large warehouse owned by BDL enables clients to store their inventory in a massive and safer environment than in their garage or in a public storage space.

Automatic Order Fulfilment

The entire process of picking and packing along with shipping the products are handled by BDL when all you have to worry about is about expanding your business to the next level.

Excellent Customer Service and Professional Employees

BDL offers you outstanding customer service regarding any inquiries. The efficient and friendly warehouse staff helps the entire fulfilment process to be a quick one. BDL also provide solutions for your business to grow.

With all the professional staff employed at BDL and the Warehouse Management system, BDL provides exceptional e-commerce fulfillment services for small/medium and large scale business.

Let us take care of your e-commerce fulfillment from picking your inventory, inventory control and handing it over to the customer with special tools to track your orders. BDL maintains a 20,000 ft. warehouse with high security to store and pack your products till being dispatched. Unlike most fulfillment centres, we also offer bespoke services to meet your requirements in the business.

Choose BDL today, to be your Ecommerce fulfillment Provider.
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